WELCOME TO THE TRADITIONAL ART GALLERY! here you will find everything from paintings, to drawings, to sculptures and otherwise!!! please enjoy!!!

"rainy day"
it rained the other night, but i missed it ): so i wanted to draw myself enjoying the cloudy gloomy skies and a little umbrella time!! watercolors, colored pencil, cretacolor aquagraphic pencils, fineliners and posca pen!
ideal listening while viewing music

kermit coasters!
these are some coasters i made as a going-away present for my friend/coworker! he is a really big fan of the muppets and i wanted to give him something nice with art i had made that he could use regularly. he said he likes to drink a lot of different kinds of drinks so i thought what better than some coasters! these are just acrylic paints, white posca marker, glitter acrylic paint and krylon kamar varnish to seal (two coats). i'm especially pleased with the anarchy kermit, there's so much fun and life in him he just makes me happy to look at. i think he'd make a cute sticker too! another thing i like about the beach day kermit is how i used glitter paint to sort of simulate what sand looks like under shallower ocean water.
he really liked them!!!

"grow at your own pace"
small sketchbook piece during a rough time. caran d'ache neocolor ii's and a copic liner in brown.
you will grow! i have faith in you!

"botanical studies"
various botanical studies, mushrooms from photo reference via pinterest. poppies from both in-person reference (my backyard) and online photo references. syringas from various online photo references.
i love!!! i love these!!! they make me so happy every time i see them in my sketchbook!!

an older piece i did as fanart for vinny vinesauce!! alcohol markers, white gel pen and fineliners. meant to be used as a brb back when he would regularly share/use art from the booru. here it is during that night's art corner!
even meat needs to sleep!

"gnorts is baby"
another vinesauce piece!!! gnorts gets pick on dinner :) alcohol markers, colored pencil, and fineliners. here it is during that night's art corner!
"chinese food...chicken wings please" - vinny