quaig weir, quirked up white boy/poet

| quaig weir | 24 | he/him | poetry major |

hello this is quaig's page!! he and peef are two of my newest oc's. but they are. sniffles...my babies..........
anyways!!! quaig's name came to his father in a dream, in which an unknown voice told him that if he named his child "quaig" that the child would never be lonely, and always have someone to have his back come hell or high water. and so!!! his dad did exactly that!
quaig is an only child, his parents are (still?) considering having another but at this point who knows! they just invested in a time share in peru so they might just roll with that instead and learn about vicuñas and come home and start raising vicuñas instead. even quaig doesn't know.
quaig and peef have been friends since kindegarten, when they first met due to being in the lunch line next to each other as it went in alphabetical order!! quaig really liked peef's numerous amounts of "weird" hats and peef liked that quaig likes honeydew melon because it meant they had someone to give the honeydew from their prepackaged fruit salad lunch. they've been inseperable since then, stuck together at the hip like two cherries on a stem, exactly how they like to be. quaig knows peef better than anyone else, and peef the same for quaig.
quaig has always had a love of poetry, and fiction, so when university rolled around and he and peef enrolled together into an arts university, he knew just what to pursue! some of his biggest inspirations when it comes to writing are pablo neruda and robert smith of the cure. one day he hopes to publish his own book of poetry, but for now he's just shooting for at least a couple of on-campus-produced zines...
in his spare time outside of writing, quaig likes to collect all sorts of 80s albums, in every format from cassettes to lps to bootleg cds. he's really especially fond of new wave and early pop goth stuff, but hates morrissey and will take any opportunity he can to shake his fist at the sky and curse him for his wrongdoings. he recently got a job at a local arthouse theater near uni and he's really stoked to start going to staff showings of obscure films. he often brings peef as his plus one even if they think a lot of the films are kinda goofy or confusing to follow (rubber got a resounding three minute play of raspberries/pbbbbt noises once the credits started rolling.)
people often describe his sense of fashion as "dark academia" and "nerdcore" but he doesn't know what either of those things mean. is he too out of touch with what his peers are into now? ...nah, they just don't have an appreciation for cultural classics like he does. maybe one day they'll all be on the same page. wait really quick can you show him how to use tiktok, he heard somebody on their takes requests on finding lesser-known demo tapes for bands and he has a couple xtc recordings he's almost *certain* exist but he just needs someone else's help to make sure he's right...wait where are you going please it'll only take like five minutes this time he promi