--D I G I N O T E.--

hewwo!!! welcome to the blogspace!!!


i got the minecraft ice cream.....yippee!!


today is my boyfriend's birthday!! he and i have been together almost a whole year now,,, happy birthday my sweet, loving frog. i can't wait until the day i am able to hug and squeeze you in person ahhhHHHH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! ><


oh goodness!!! oh gracious!!! happy first anniversary, petitmort!!! we've made it one whole year together and we've come a lot farther than i expected. i'm so proud of you for sticking to it, me!!! here's to another year, and continuing to grow and learn and nurture a space where we can just!! :D


guess who got (a really mild) case of heat exhaustion. (: i love headaches. back to work tomorrow i guess.


work so far this week has been. very rough. it's fine. ): but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am!! prepping canvasses to be painted. and now i have my hands coated in gesso. behold!!!



hello! i don't know why i am having an insomnia fit but i am!! i got home from my friends' house about 10:45pm. usually i go about 4:30pm on tuesday's for dnd/pathfinder, but tonight we were short a couple players due to two folks having to skip out for a instead! we are taking hiatus from our campaign this week and next week to do........"b horror" movie marathons! this week we got to watch my pick and one other friend's pick. so, naturally, i am, i realized none of my friends have seen cinematic masterpiece and formative film of my younger years, "HAUSU" (1977)!!!! without spoiling too much, it follows seven highschool girls in japan as they travel to their friend goregeous's aunt's mansion in the countryside for summer vacation, only for things to start to get really weird, really quick. the over the top campiness yet effective kills and special effects (..?) won over my friendgroup. i was really happy to be able to share something like that with them. very cozy. we also watched "YOGA HOSERS" (2016), the second film in kevin smith's true north trilogy, technical sequel to "TUSK" (2014). (the third movie, "moose jaw," is apparently in production and from what we've been told about the film means that it will also be a part of the view askewniverse...!?) absolutely cheesy, goofy, completely-out-there as far as plots go (yet very much kevin smith's specific brand of such), our main characters are two canadian sophomores (with the same first name!) with a penchant for yoga and social media doing their best to defeat a bunch of tiny n*zi clones made out of bratwurst and sauerkraut from taking over was fun! the protagonists reminded me a lot of girls i used to know when i was in highschool that always seemed to be able to make the best out of what was going on even if it was the absolute pits. anyways! i'm sort of rambling and i did have a coffee but i just can't get my brain to sleep. i'm just glad i'm able to do small things like this with my friends, even if it's once a week, where we're able to get together and just enjoy our goofy little movies or our goofy little tabletop games and let go of some of the stresses of the meatspace, if even for a little while. goodbye for now! i love you! muah!


today i learned that if you have glue, and scissors, and a printer. you can put your family into star wars against their will, behold:

this is by far one of the best things i have ever experienced!! i'm so excited. i could put my family wherever i want now.